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World Championships in pictures
Miller and Miinala nominated MVPís of the World Championships
Brazil and USA crowned World Champions
Men Gold match: Brazil-Finland 9-1 (3-0): Interview of Alessandro Tosim
Men Gold match: Brazil-Finland 9-1 (3-0): Interview of Timo Laitinen
Women Gold match: USA-Russia 3-0: Interview of Jennifer and Ken Armbruster
Men Bronze match: USA-Lithuania 4-2 (1-2): Interview of Joseph Hamilton
Women Bronze match: Turkey-Japan 3-0: Interview of Gokhan Ince and Eren Yilbirim
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Goalball is fast and entertaining team sport for visually impaired. Each team has six players, with three players on the court at a time. Players must use eyeshades during the game. The ball weighs 1250 g and has bells embedded in it. Games consist of two 12-minute halves.

The goals in both ends of the court span the width of the court. Attacking team is trying to throw the ball into the opponentsí goal, while defending team is trying to block the shots. The ball must hit the court before the neutral zone (6 m) so the ball must be rolled or sidearmed down the court.

Defending players slid on their hips and stretch their arms above their heads and extend their legs in order to cover as much distance as possible. As soon as defending player catches the ball he is allowed to throw it towards opponentís goal if the referee hasnít stop the play.
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